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In addition to these six tests, income is also an eligibility factor.

Eligibility for the child tax credit isn’t all-or-nothing. There’s such a thing as the child tax credit income phase-out. As your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) increases, the child tax credit begins to phase out. You’ll get $50 less in child tax creditsfor every $1,000 – or portion of $1,000 – that your modified AGI exceeds:

As you can see, it’s possible to be so rich that you’re ineligible for the child tax credit.

Claiming the Child Tax Credit

Eligible filers will claim the child tax credit onForm 1040, Form 1040A, or Form 1040NR. Unfortunately for those who like the simplified versions of the tax form (Form 1040NR-EZ or Form 1040EZ), you can’t claim the child tax credit on those worksheets.

The IRS provides Publication 972 The Child Tax Credit as a child tax credit worksheet to help you calculate the child tax credit. It’s not a child tax credit calculator per se but it will tell you how much you can claim in child tax credits on yourForm 1040, Form 1040A, or Form 1040NR.

Want to knowhow to calculate the child tax credit? Look no further than Publication 972. The publication starts with some introductory material to help you understand the tax credit and who’s eligible. The worksheet comes later.

The Additional Child Tax Credit

The child tax credit itself is non-refundable. That means that if the amount of credit you’re eligible for is greater than the amount you owe the IRS, you won’t get the difference back in your tax refund. To get that money, you can file for what’s called the Additional Child Tax Credit, assuming you’re eligible.

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) expanded the eligibility for the additional child tax credit. The law reduced the minimum amount of earned income used in calculating theadditional child tax credit to $3,000. This change made more taxpayers eligible for the credit and raised the amount they could claim.

Before you file for the additional child tax credit, you’ll need to fill out the paperwork for the regular child tax credit. According to the IRS:

The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC)

The child tax credit and the childcare tax credit are two different things. The child tax credit can only be claimed by the parents or guardians of minor children. On the other hand, the child and dependent care tax credit can also be used by those who are caring for aging parents or disabled relatives.

Edvard Munch is best known for his painting The Scream (1893-1910), one of the most recognizable paintings in the history of art. From the beginning of his career right through into his seventies, Munch unwaveringly took as the subject of his paintings the emotional and psychological state of his painted figures, using bright, clashing colors and abstract patterns to create chaotic and tumultuous feelings – everything that Hitler hated in art. 82 of his works were labelled degenerate and removed from museums.

Following World War One, as Expressionism was officially recognized in Germany, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff had artistic honors bestowed upon him for his contributions to the movement. However, these were removed with the rise of the Nazis; Schmidt-Rottluff was dismissed from the air jordan 4 discount I3ulxtNT
in 1933, only two years after his admission, and had 608 of his pieces seized as Degenerate Art. From 1941, he was forbidden to paint. Along with Erich Heckel and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff was also a founding member of Die Brücke.

Like Emil Nolde, air jordan retro 11 tshirt
was another Degenerate Artist who greatly admired Van Gogh – an admiration that became apparent particularly in his later years. Following his experiences as a medical orderly in World War One, his painting style significantly transformed, from academically correct depictions to hugely distorted figures and objects, introducing into his work the kind of radical Modernism that Hitler was so intent on suppressing. Beckmann went from enjoying huge success and honors, such as the Honorary Empire Prize for German Art in the mid 1920s, to living in self-imposed exile in Amsterdam for ten years after the rise of the Nazis and the introduction of the Degenerate Art movement. More than 500 of his works were seized by the Nazis from German museums.

Otto Mueller was considered one of the most liberal artists of the Expressionist movement; he took as his main subject matter the unity between humans and nature and consequently is well-known for his paintings of nude and gypsy women. Despite having passed away before the Degenerate Art movement was even a notion, it is perhaps no surprise that the Nazis seized 350 of his paintings from German museums in 1937.

Max Liebermann was a highly celebrated German artist prior to the rise of the Nazi party. At the turn of the 20 th Century, he was considered a leader for the artistic community, strongly and publicly advocating the necessity for the separation of art and politics. On his 50 th birthday, he was honored with a solo exhibition at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin. Unfortunately for Liebermann, he was a Jew, and he made no secret of this in his Semitic subject matter within his artwork. In 1933, he resigned from his presidential post at the Prussian Academy of Arts after they decided to no longer display work by Jewish artists. On the event of his death in 1935, there was no media coverage on him whatsoever, and no representatives of the Academy present at his funeral.

The number of times people clicked on any of your content without generating a Story.

When people think about Facebook engagement , most think of Likes , comments , and shares .

However, Facebook Insights offers a broader measure of engagement that goes beyond Likes, comments,and shares, called consumptions.

How is it different? It includes clicks.

How Consumptions Are Calculated

The consumptions metric can be found within Facebook Insights at both the Page and post levels.

Within Facebook Insights, the consumption metric is broken down into four segments:

Viewing how clicks on your posts are segmented can provide additional information about what types of content are engaging people on your Page. It can also put the volume of other engagement actions in context with the number of Stories created.

For example, you could look at how many people viewed an enlarged version of a photo on your post versus how many people liked, commented on, or shared it.

Why should youcare about clicks that don’t create Stories in the News Feed? Because clicks get factored into the News Feed algorithm.

That means measuring clicks on your posts gives you a more complete view of engagement, and a better idea of whether your posts will continue to appear in users’ News Feeds.

When cross-referenced with other key Facebook metrics, consumptions can prove extremely valuable in measuring content performance.

For example, by keeping an eye on your Facebook consumptions,you can establish a goal click-through rate for each consumption type. Then you can tweak your content and experiment to discover which changes make those consumption share percentages move.

If I clicked on this photo from James Allen Jewelers but didn’t Like, comment, or share it, that would count as a Photo View consumption.

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